Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Homecare Agency

Getting the right senior home services agency for your senior can seem like a stressful and daunting task. Fortunately, it does not have to be this difficult. By asking some direct, pertinent questions, you will learn all you need to know to choose the right home care agency. Below are questions to ask before selecting an agency for senior home services.

How Long has the Company Been in the Business?

The quality of care an agency gives does not equate to the number of years, but it gives an idea of the agency’s success rate and stability. Research on the background of the agency to get a clear understanding of its reputation in the community. This includes the company’s better business bureau ratings.senior citizen

Does the Agency Perform Background Checks on Employees?

Most people may take this for granted. For the protection of your senior, you need to make sure that the agency performs a thorough background check for arrest records that indicate senior abuse, DUIs, sexual misconduct, and other crimes.

Are the Employees Insured?

It is vital to ask whether the home care agency has workers’ compensation insurance for the employees. This protects you financially and legally if the caregiver is involved in an accident.

Can the Senior Meet the Caregiver Before?

Professional senior homecare agencies will allow seniors to meet and approve the caregiver. This is an important step to build trust and also let your loved ones know they have control over their care.

Does the Agency Provide a Plan of Care?

A plan of care is essential since it sets everyone’s goals and expectations for the type and amount of home care services that will be provided.

Will One Caregiver be Assigned?

Senior care is always better when the same caregiver on basis regular assists your loved one. This helps in creating a strong bond, trust and a higher level of comfort with the caregiver.caregiver with senior

Will the Agency Provide No-Charge, No-Obligation Assessment?

Ask if the agency will visit you and your seniors in their living environment. This builds rapport, gives your loved one the ability to meet and decide whether the agency is a good fit for them and enables you to compare one senior home services agency with another.

Homecare agencies are an ideal option for senior and asking these questions will help you find the best agency to offer senior home care service to your loved one. Visit for the best senior home care services.

Insights When Storing Cosmetics

Many people do not think about where they store their beauty products. Generally, products do not require special attention and cosmetic chemists. Cosmetics deteriorate when exposed to excess humidity or heat. Moisture tends to have the worst consequences. In that respect, storing your cosmetics in the bathroom might not be a good idea. Powders are crumbly while creams are quite moldy. This might be hazardous. Here are some products to look at:

  • Foundation and concealer should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The same applies to heat exposure.
  • Moisturizer – Ensure that the lid is replaced immediately after use. Exposure to sunlight is dangerous.
  •  Eyeshadow, blusher and loose powder – Its inadvisable to carry these around inside your handbag.

Containers are quite brittle while the powder crumbly due to temperature fluctuations. Only carry around products that you need. In many cases, clearing out your makeup bag opens more storage space.

Most beauty products have a permanent spot in certain areas. For instance, medicinal cabinets, purses or bags. These homes have short shelf life’s that interfere with their effectiveness. Leading cosmetic chemists attribute the effectiveness of several products in use to their storage. For instance, moving them from the bathroom to your fridge can make a difference in skin-clearing and fighting off wrinkles.

dry and dark


Storage in dark spaces

Your skincare and makeup will remain potent at room temperature provided you can keep it off direct sunlight. Sunlight accelerates the aging of most cosmetic products as it breaks down their active ingredients. Vanities and countertops that are not directly exposed to the sun work great. Those products wrapped in dark packaging function great as they block out the UV rays which are harmful. Store most of your products inside drawers and cabinets to guarantee their safety.

Free up storage space in the fridge

The shelf life of some of your products can be extended if they are stored in the fridge. When you stash them with your perishables, they feel fresher when used. Any skin care products with vitamin C or retinol are best suited for cold temperatures that slow the degradation of their ingredients. When applied to your skin, the eye cream de-puffs quicker and lowers the surrounding skin temperature. When you stash polish in the fridge, it gets rid of clumps requiring more shaking to rid it of the separation.

Avoid the vanity scene in your bathroom

The steam that arises from the bathroom can affect the functioning of your cosmetics. Condensed water on the surface of your cosmetics can result in the development of mold. Move any scrubs, bath salts and powders to a dry place. Any tool that might become a breeding spot for mold when damp should be moved. After undergoing cleaning, have it air dry outside your bathroom.

do not freze

Avoid freezing temperatures

Too cold temperatures are harmful to your products in a similar way as heat. Creams, lotions, and conditioners are quite unstable when partly frozen and thawed. If you reside in a place that’s freezing during winter, remove them from the window sills and move the products to your garage or basement.