Things to Note About an Immigration Medical Exam

Are you wondering about what happens during an immigration medical exam? Do you have to prepare immigration physicals? When you are going for an immigration medical exam, two kinds of doctors will test you. If you are within the United States, a doctor who is licensed by immigration services will attend to you. If you are outside the states, you will be examined by a doctor who has been authorized by the Department of State. In this article, we have highlighted all the things to note about an immigration medical exam. It will set you at ease with what you should expect.

General Process

Be sure to book an appointment beforehand and inquire about any fees you might need to pay. You do this by first submitting a petition that will be processed. If approved, you will be required to pay filing fees and submit your online application. Next is the interview after which you will get your results preferably by mail. You need not fret about any preparations as it is not too different from a regular medical exam.

Medical History and Records

hospitalWhen you go for this exam, you will have to carry your records with you. This will help the doctors know what to look for and what to bypass. Some records you have to carry are immunization cards and copies of any x-rays you might have done. Also, carry along with you your health insurance card so that you do not have to pay for the exam in cash.

Physical and Mental Check

workout classAfter examining your mental records, the doctor in charge will still do a physical and mental check. One of the things they will look out for is any apparent disorders or diseases. An example is doing blood and urine tests. They will use it to screen for diseases and any substance abuse. Do note that you might be limited from getting your green card if you have any illegal substanImmigration Medical Examces in your body. Therefore, preparing for this exam could include quitting any abuse problems.

Some even suggest you postpone your exam if you are currently pregnant. As for the mental health test, the doctor will check on your stability, comprehension, thought, and general behavior.


During the immigration process, you simply have to go through a medical exam. It can be unnerving not knowing what to expect. However, with these things to note you will be adequately prepared. Keep your medical records intact, be prepared for a drug screening as well as a medical test for other illnesses.