Top Foods with a Lot of Vitamin C

There are different foods that have higher vitamin C content. In fact, some of these foods have more vitamin C than oranges. Other than promoting overall body health, they offer a lot of health benefits. Flavettes products in Malaysia have high amounts of vitamin C. In fact, oranges and citrus fruits are known to contain ascorbic acid, but there are other fruits and vegetables you can eat as well.


The truth is that red and yellow fruits have high vitamin C content. Although a mature weighs about 100 grams, it is said to have about 200 mg of vitamin C. This is twice what an orange provides


Pineapple is a nutrient powerhouse that has a lot of vitamin C. Also, it contains manganese, which is rare in most natural foods. Thus, the pineapple should be a top addition to your diet.


Strawberries have a lot of antioxidant properties. However, they also contain vitamin C. Studies have shown that their vitamin C content is higher than what an orange offers.


grapefruitGrapefruit is in the same family as oranges. That explains why it contains a lot of vitamin C. it is estimated that a grapefruit offers about 40 mg of vitamin C. Also, it has other nutrients, such as vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. Since the fruit offers just 41 calories, it is ideal for people who want to shed weight or eat healthier. You should note that grapefruits are sour, but there are some varieties that are sweeter. It is advisable to add some honey before eating it. Also, you can have it in your salad.


A cup of broccoli is said to offer more than 70 mg of vitamin C. Although it is not higher than orange juice, a huge serving can provide adequate vitamin C. Also, the amount you get is dependent on the cooking technique.


You should note that raw cabbage adds some amount of vitamin C. However, cooked cabbage offers even more. Although cooking has been found to reduce nutrients in most foods, it is surprising that you get more vitamin C in cooked cabbage.


A raw tomato is a great source of vitamin C. That is because a single tomato offers about 20 mg of ascorbic acid. When you blend tomatoes into juice, you are likely to get more. Moreover, it provides you with lycopene and vitamin A. Since it has antioxidant properties, you will find it good for the heart.